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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Please take a moment to pray for

One of my best friends' family.

Lisa's father-in-law: his colon has ruptured where it had been reattached after the surgery last week. The surgeon went back in to repair it and clean out all the infection that he had. He actually developed 3 different infections last week. All of them very serious. Then they Care flighted him to Harris downtown (he was at Harris Southwest). Now he is in the Trauma ICU and his kidneys have shut down and they can't keep his blood pressure up. They want to do a 3rd surgery today because they left the wound open on Sat.
Today's update: Johnny had surgery at 5:00 yesterday evening. The doctor removed his gallbladder, put in a port for dialysis and cleaned out his system again & inserted a colostomy. So now he is still in recovery mode and unaware. He is on a 24 hour mild dialysis and still the same.

Her mother-in-law: has Pulmonary Fibrosis, which means the air holes in her lungs are gradually degenerating and closing up, so it's harder and harder for her to breathe. She's been dependent on oxygen 24/7 since she was diagnosed in 2005 and she's been confined to her scooter since last year. Johnny was her primary caregiver until last month.\

Don't forget about all the doctors and other healthcare providers! Keep the family safe as they travel to and from the hospital and please lift them up as holidays are always the hardest times to endure health crisis.

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