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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Lots and lots to say today!

1. Happy Birthday to Stephen's Dad! We hope you have a super day. We love you.

2. My grandmother's biopsy results show that she has a malignant tumor behind her lung. More info to come but please keep her in your prayers.

3.What a moron! I mean FREE DINNER!
We went out to eat for Stephen's birthday last night and it turned out to be quite eventful. He picked a place that we go to more than any other place in town. We have always had good service and the kids get free ice cream at the end of the meal. But last night was different.........
Our waiter arrived at our table wearing a "Certified Trainer" shirt which told me we had one of the best. He took our drink order...a coke for me, a Dr. Pepper for Stephen and one kid's lemonade. Easy, right? He brought chips, green sauce, and salsa to the table and asked if we would need another serving of sauces. No thank you. A few minutes later he came back and asked what we would like to drink. Ummm....Coke, Dr. Pepper, and lemonade, remember? He said he lost the ticket. As he left the table, he bumped into a chair at the next table. I thought it was out of embarrassment. was just turning 6:00 and we were his only table. He brought the drinks and took our order. The special for Stephen, a Grilled Fajita burrito for me with the tortilla soup, and the kid's quesadillas for L & C. We waited and watched the newer tables get their food. He didn't even pass by our table for quite awhile, Stephen's cup was empty. By this time Caleb was getting fussy, he wanted food! The waiter came by and said, "Okay, what can I get for you?"

No y'all, I am not kidding. Stephen and I looked at each other in disbelief. It was like on the show 'Mad About You' when Jamie and Paul would go to that restaurant and Ursula (Lisa Kudrow) would walk up to the table for the first time and say something like, "Are you ready for your ticket?"

I told the guy we had already ordered. First he looked puzzled. Then he said he lost the ticket. "AGAIN?" I asked. He said yes. He didn't apologize or anything. We ordered again, adding an order of tortillas because, "our little boy can't wait that long" and I went to talk to the manager. When I got back to the table, my cold soup was waiting. Before I could eat half of it, our food arrived, with the tortillas, and the manager stopped by to see that our order was correct. Whew! So then Stephen's drink sat empty. When the waiter came by to see if everything was okay, my mouth was full and so I pointed to Stephen's cup. Stephen said, "Dr. Pepper" and the guy repeated, "Coke?" No, Dr. Pepper. He brought out a tray full of drinks, dropped them off at neighboring tables, left, came back with the tea pitcher and proceeded to fill Stephen's cup with tea. Stephen asked him what was in the pitcher. He told the waiter he had Dr. Pepper. So the waiter set the cup down...with tea in it....for Stephen to drink??? I gave him the cup and said he could take it. Then he came out with a new cup of Dr. Pepper for Stephen. We watched him bump into at least one other table. I really felt bad for the guy but how could he make so many mistakes? When Stephen went up to pay, he updated the manager on the events and she put her face in her hands. She told us he is one of the assistant managers! And Stephen told her that to top it off, that was where he wanted to celebrate his birthday. dinner!

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Laura Brittain said...

I'm so sorry yall had such bad service that night!!! We actually had the best service we had EVER had at that restaurant and gave him more than our normal 20% tip. I wish I remembered his name so we could ask for him again. I want to say it was Michael, but I'm not sure. He worked up by the bar though. Anyway, I'm looking forward to my birthday dinner tonight (we have missed a lot of church lately due to me and the kids being sick, so I wanted to go to church last night ... on my actual bday) so, my hubby and I are going to dinner tonight ... our once a year splurge at C's out by our church. You know, the one in the old house with the world class cuisine! :o)