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Friday, September 14, 2007

Out of the mouths of babes

Our precious Lauren is never at a loss for words. Her little wheels are always turning and always putting smiles on our faces. Here are some of the funny things she has said over the last few days:
We were all eating ice cream the other night, Stephen was having buttered pecan and the rest of us were having mint chocolate chip.
L: Daddy, why do you have that one?
S: Because I don't like chocolate.
L: Yes you do, you like Willy Wonka.

She has been asking, no begging, for a jump rope lately. We have no idea where she saw one and we know she can't use one, not to jump with at least. Yesterday as I was preparing dinner:
L: Mommy, can I have a jump rope?
Me: Maybe Lauren. We can go look at them later.
L: I don't want to look at them.
Me: Why not.
L: I want to BUY one.

And my favorite.....drum roll please.
Stephen was grilling burgers-
L: I want to help Daddy
Me: You want to help Daddy? Does Dadddy need your help?
L: Yes, because he's a boy.

That's right sweet girl, boys do need our help, don't they?

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