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Sunday, September 23, 2007

That's our little girl climbing up to the top of a very tall bouncy slide.
She made it, here she comes.

There she goes!

Who do you think is having more fun?

Oh yeah, I'll take this one....and this one...and this one. I've never had one before but they look umm, umm, good!

Caleb knew just what to do when he got to the duck pond.

First fishin' trip with Daddy.

Lauren gears up to kick the ball. She shoots, she scores!

Yes, that's Lauren and Daddy on a horse. She did such a great job.


Texas Aggie in Florida said...

Looks like a fun day was had by all! I'm jealous!!!

Harold's family and friends said...

You guys took GREAT pics! We only managed to snap one of Dominic on the train. So glad you guys had a great time! I just wish it wasn't so hot!