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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Aggie Day!

I have to thank my dear friend Heather for asking me (and Stephen for saying that I could go) to the Aggie game Saturday. If you didn't see it, it was a true nail biter. Who would have thought that after a 19-0 lead at halftime that we'd go into triple overtime? But we won 47-45 and a win is all I wanted. After the game we had to wait out the rain before we could walk back to the car. Did you know it was raining? It didn't rain a drop at our house but we had quite a downpour at Kyle Field. Heather and I decided to head to the MSC where we watched the TCU-t.u. game for awhile. The rain stopped so we headed North. Would you believe that as soon as we were out in the open, just passed Albritton Tower, the sky opened once again. We were just about drenched when we made it to the car. Thanks Heather for the awesome memories!

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Texas Aggie in Florida said...

Thanks for coming with me! It was fun...even though it wasn't quite the win I was hoping for! Great seeing you!!!!