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Saturday, January 24, 2009

My New Theme Song

Have you seen the video above? This is from one of Caleb's Thomas DVDs we had playing in the van. For some reason, whenever this song comes on, Caleb and Lauren laugh hysterically. Lately Abby laughs too. I catch myself singing it all day long and making up my own lyrics such as: We're busy, so busy, cleaning house all day. Busy so busy, and all for no pay. We're cleaning this and folding that, shaking out the welcome mat...."will you please let go of that!?!" We're busy, busy, busy!

The kids think it is funny.

Whenever Caleb asks me to fasten his trains together and I tell him I am busy, he begs me to sing the song.

Maybe one of these days I'll complete the lyrics to the Mommy's Busy Song. Enjoy!

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