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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Digital Scrapbooking

So, I started scrapbooking a little over 10 years ago. I LOVE scrapbooking, really, I do. I love being creative with the tons of pictures I take and all the neat papers, ribbons, tags, embellishments, etc... But let's be serious, I don't have time to scrap and I am running out of room to store all my supplies. Ya know those scrappers who post pictures of their scrap rooms on Two Peas in a Bucket? Yeah, they make me sick! Gag! An entire room for scrapbooking? They must not have children!

The last time I scrapped was over a year ago and I left off with August 2007! I haven't printed one picture of 2008 and we are at the end of January 2009. When am I supposed to scrap all the fabulous moments I've captured on film---I mean memory stick? Anyone else out there have that problem?

Well, awhile back, a dear friend tried to convince me to go to digital scrapbooking. I am the person who got her hooked on scrapping in the first place (and blogging too). I agreed that the quality is nice but I wasn't convinced that digital scrapping was as fun and what would I do with the hundreds, maybe thousands of papers I have already bought? What about all the pictures from 2007 that I've printed? I WAS NOT going to go digital! ABSOLUTELY NOT! NEVER!

But lately I've been thinking.....lately I've been putting the kids to bed a little earlier and have even had time to pick up before going to bed. I've actually had a LITTLE "me time" for the first time in over a year.

If I go digital:

*I can scrap in bed with a laptop.
*I can scrap from anywhere.....while Stephen is driving on road trips...from work when my students don't come because they are on a field trip or maybe at an assembly
*I won't have a big mess to pick up when I'm finished.
*The scrapbooks will take up a lot less space.
*I can print one for each child and maybe even another one for grandparent gifts.

So I am going to go digital as soon as I scrap all the pictures I've printed and I want to know if any of you scrap digitally. If so, who do you use and how much does it cost?


Kathy's Korner said...

OH MY!!!!!

I could have written your post!!

I am very interested in peoples response here. I am toying with the idea too because I am totally overwhelmed by it all anymore.

My youngest baby book is only in her second month and she is 2. My other kids were done shortly after their first birthday. The family album? Its been YEARS since I touched it.


But then I think, what should I do wiht all my "stuff"

Queen of My Castle said...

Ha! Ha! I am so glad you are coming to my side!!! Call me and I will tell you all about my stuff.

Laura Short said...

I want to know more about digital scrapping as well. There is no way I am going to get caught up on the other. I have thought about doing photo books on shutterfly. I would love to know what you find out!

Anonymous said...

...please where can I buy a unicorn?

Anonymous said...

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