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Friday, January 9, 2009

It's hard to punish children when they're so darn cute.

The last 3 days Lauren has not napped. Now, this wouldn't be a big deal if she didn't share a room with Abby. At naptime on Wednesday Stephen heard some laughter in the monitor and went in their room to find Lauren in Abby's crib along with the GIANT doodle bear my mom gave Lauren. She told Stephen she was trying to make Abby happy.

Yesterday we told Lauren that if she didn't take a nap, she wouldn't get to play at the playground. Again, she climbed into Abby's crib and didn't take a nap. When Caleb woke up, I put Lauren in his room where she played. Stephen and I decided that next time maybe we could try putting her in Caleb's room to nap with him since they sleep together when we go to my dad's.

Today, Lauren wasn't asleep when it was time to put Abby down so Stephen put her in Caleb's room, on her inflatable princess mattress, away from Caleb. Shortly after that, Stephen heard voices coming from Caleb's room and found them both playing on Caleb's bed. She had woken him up. Stephen let Caleb come out but Lauren was left to "sleep" in Caleb's room.

When I got home from work, Stephen filled me in on all the fun. I went upstairs to scold (I mean check on) Lauren. When I got into Caleb's room, I found Lauren standing next to Caleb's neatly made bed with his Thomas jammies neatly laid out for him. I had to leave the room before she saw the smirk on my face. How can you get your point across to a 4 year old when they see that what they have done was cute? I got Stephen and showed him. He too had to leave before Lauren caught on to the humor. Stephen came back in, we closed the door and got down to her level to talk to her. That's when Caleb came in.

Caleb: Lauren! (big hug)
Lauren: I have a surprise for you
Caleb: For me????
Lauren: For you!
Caleb: Thank you!
Lauren: You're welcome too! (Because that's what that ridiculous song on Yo Gabba Gabba says)

And we will try again tomorrow!

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Julia said...

VERY CUTE!!!!! And uh oh- Dominic has rubbed off on Lauren! :) The good news is, I can still get him to nap 50% of the week, and I sort of just let the other days go because he'll play quietly in his bed, and then go to bed at 7pm. So I'm at peace with the 50/50 schedule. I was going CRAZY though when I thought he didn't need naps anymore!!! Do you think Abby or Lauren would be able to nap in the master bedroom? We've had better success when I let D lay in our room for naps and I'll just lay down in D's room for my "nap" (aka lay down for 20 mins to think in peace and quiet!) This way, if Dominic is audible, neither me or Milo is disturbed. Of course I make sure there are no permanent markers or scissors in his reach ;) but he's good about not getting out of the bed (so far). I don't remember you asking for any advice, but I went ahead and wrote you a novel anyway! All the statistics say it's perfectly normal for them to give up their naps around the age of 4 :( but we're still going to try our darndest, that's for sure!