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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Abby's 1st Birthday Party

Our first birthday party in town was a hit. When all the guests arrived, they got to decorate some clay dough ornaments I had made in advance. I set out paint (because I'm brave like that), sequins, and glitter glue. I made sure I had the first initial of each guest, even the tots.

Next everyone had a snack and then we played bingo. I made Tinker Bell bingo for Lauren's party and since this was a "fairy" too, it worked for me. I bought the prizes at the Dollar Tree. We were going to play, "Pass the Fairy Wand" like "hot potato" but 2 kids had a bingo at the same time and it used all my prizes.

Finally we opened presents and ate the cake. It was so much easier than all the previous parties where I had to make the cake days in advance and we had to pack up everything and cart it to Fort Worth. Even the clean up was a breeze. I can't wait until the next party!

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SimmonsFamily said...

Oh, I am so sorry we missed sweet Abby's party. She looks like she enjoyed her cake!