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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Updated--Will we ever get into our new house?


We sold our house.....April 15. The buyer insisted that we close on or before May 15. We asked about the weekend before and the buyer sat on the contract for days. When our realtor asked his realtor what the deal was, he said Mr. Buyer wanted to close on May 15. I don't know about you but I could see Mr. Buyer stomping his hands and feet like a little kid.

We agreed on May 15. Stephen made about 100 phone calls. He told all the utility people to turn off our old utilities on May 15 and he set up new accounts (with different companies) and had them turning everything on the same day. We transferred our mail. He had movers coming on the 14th to take all our things so the carpet cleaners could come and do their thing. Stephen's parents agreed to take off work and come on the 13th (last Tuesday) so they could watch the kids during closing and help us get settled. Stephen made arrangements to rent a car the day of closing so we could take Abby with us and leave a car with car seats for his parents. The entire house was packed. We had eaten just about everything out of the fridge because we knew it would be unplugged for 24 hours.

All that came to a screeching halt just a few hours before his parents were to leave Fort Worth to head our way. Our realtor called the title company and found out the Mr. Buyer changed lenders at the last minute and there was no way the new lenders could get all the paperwork completed by May 15. They wanted to close on May 23 (this Friday). Stephen will be at my school all day filming the talent show. We got them to agree to May 22. Stephen had to call everyone and let them know to change all our plans by 7 days. The post office said they could not cancel the change of address so all our mail is already being sent to the new house.

Last Friday as we were walking out the door to go to Fort Worth, our realtor called again and said Mr. Buyer wanted to close 3 days., not going to do that, sorry! Our realtor had already told him no.

Monday...2 days ago...our realtor called again. She told us Mr. Buyer will not be in town on Thursday and chances are we can't close on Thursday because there wasn't enough time to get the paperwork to him and then overnighted back to close on Thursday. That was the straw that broke the camel's back. I said if we don't close this week, I am finished. I said I am unpacking on Thursday whether it is in our new house or our old house. There is a statement in the contract that says we will close on the 15th or within 7 days. This is extremely stressful on us and has a trickling effect on the kids. What could be so important to Mr. Buyer that he has to go to Kansas and not be here to close on the house that he INSISTED we close on May 15? Our realtor said he has a business venture.

The latest as of an hour ago is we may still get to close tomorrow. Friday at the latest. But.....(I tell my students not to start their sentences with 'but') the movers can't come until Saturday!

I just want to be in my new house, unpacking, setting up, dreaming of what colors to paint the walls. I want to put grass in the backyard and let the kids run free. I want to plant an herb garden and a butterfly garden. I want to invite friends over. I want to set up a real crib for Abby and put the Pack n Play away. So maybe a prayer for my "lost cause" would be appropriate right now! And after I get into the new house I promise I won't complain again.

At least not for a month, okay?

Update: As of noon today, we will close on our current house at 3:00 this afternoon. We will close on our new house tomorrow at 11:00 and the movers will come at 2:00! Now, will there be any more changes? That's the million dollar question.


Deirdre said...


Kathy's Korner said...

Oh my word!!!! this is 6 sides of ridiculous at least. Way way way past ridiculous. this Mr buyer person needs a serious kick in the hiney. seriously.

You will never be so happy to sign your name a bazillion times tommorow!


Cameshia said...

Wow Stephanie! Sorry for the contitnued troubles. It's late and I'm just now able to view our blog to see what's up since your e-mail to me. I see you last update was from this morning. Hopefully things are moving forward.

Take care,