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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Memorial Day

The front of our new house.
The backyard. It's gonna take a lot of grass!

Aunt Joanie and Uncle Paul taking the kids and Tramp for a bike ride.

Uncle Paul is so patient!

There they go!

On Memorial Day I took the kids out to play while Stephen put the swing set back together. The kids ran and ran. Whenever they heard the train, they ran to the they could see it. I swear 10 trains passed that day. I thought this was too cute.

Caleb was the designated taste-tester. He tasted at least 100 rocks. Why oh why do boys do that? I'm sure my neighbors and their guests got tired of hearing me say, "No rocks Caleb, spit it out!" His face was covered in dirt by the end of the day.

Even though Caleb is ALL BOY, he has a soft side for his sisters.

I felt like it was my birthday or Mother's Day because Stephen did all the work on Memorial Day. He brought the stereo and speakers out. He prepared the hamburger patties and the corn. He did the grilling and made sure my drink was never empty.

Look at this sweet face. Abby sat in her bouncy seat on the step and just chilled out with the rest of us. It was the best family day we've had....ever! I look forward to many more wonderful times like this in our new backyard.


Texas Aggie in Florida said...

Isn't that the best feeling in the world??? I love our new backyard too. My kids are out there for HOURS every day!

tales_from_the_crib said...

looks like fun! and the bouncy seat doesn't look too bads eithered.

Renee' said...

Your house looks wonderful! Plenty of room in the back yard for the kids to play. Hope you're having a great week.

Kathy's Korner said...

I love your backyard! Even in the "rough" it looks just grand!

It will be lots of fun to hear about all your new adventures here :)

Cameshia said...

Wow! What a big back yard. Your house is huge. Everyone looks happy and to be having a great time.

Thanks for sharing. Cameshia

SimmonsFamily said...


SO glad you guys are settled and the backyard looks like tons of fun. Lauren looks like a little woman now, so big, and Abby is precious. Seriously, we need to get Caleb together with my boys, he would be in good company!!

Julia said...

Welcome to the new house!!!! (I'm sorry I'm so behind on commenting!) It looks wonderful! I think you should keep the sand in the backyard - instant sandbox!!! ;) Can't wait to see you all next week. Happy blessings to you guys!