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Monday, May 26, 2008

Happy Days Are Here Again

I'll post pictures later.

We are in our new house! Stephen had to go back and forth to the old house a few times Thursday night and didn't get home until 1:00 am. He took a one hour nap and got up for his 3 am shift. We still don't have a cell phone signal out here. We've called Sprint twice and both times they've claimed to have pushed a magic button to extend our area but it hasn't worked. So...I can't call out of town and Stephen can't get business calls. Anybody else ever had this experience? We are on the outskirts of city limits, it's not like we moved way out yonder.

We met our next door neighbors. They have a little boy Caleb's age. I pray that whoever moves into the house on the other side of us has some little girls. Lauren is always the only little girl when we have other kids to play with.

Yesterday we had a wonderful surprise visit from Aunt Joanie and Uncle Paul. The kids got to skip a nap and play outside while Stephen and I got to work, uninterrupted, in the house. They took the kids for a wagon ride, a bike ride, and even to the neighborhood playground. Caleb got to reorganize the mulch in the front flowerbeds and Lauren got to fly her mini kite. They sure spoil us! I wish they'd move a little closer.


Laura Brittain said...

Congratulations on your new house! I am just now getting time to read my favorite blogs again, so I had to catch up on yours. I can't believe all you had to go through with the buyer! Crazy! I would have been freaking out. We are scheduled to close on June 6th. Hopefully we'll break ground the first part of July. Our new neighborhood has LOTS of little boys our little boys' ages. I've noticed LOTS of little boys in that age group ... my 5 year old's Sunday school class has 10 boys and only 2 girls!

So glad you got in your new house. We'll be outside the city limits, too and will have to have utilities with all knew companies. Anyway, take care and congratulations.

tales_from_the_crib said...

congrats! and pics as sooned as you've got 'em!