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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Update on Lauren getting up all night long

Let me refresh your memory...awhile back I wrote "Why Does She Keep Doing This?" and I was surprised to hear about some friends' children who were also having problems with their little ones pottying. We have left the potty chair in Lauren's room for every nap and at bedtime and she has not come out of her room during bedtime since then! Yes, something finally worked! She has been getting up to use her potty chair but it seems that there is less and less each time we check. Last night was the only time she has interrupted my sleep in a week. At 3:20 I was up feeding Abby. I finally got her back to sleep and drifted off at a little after 4. Then in my dream I could hear Lauren, "Mommy and Daddy? I need some toilet paperrrrrr." I woke up, saw that it was 5:00, and heard her say it again. Bless her heart, she had unzipped her blanket sleeper and was sitting on that little ol' potty in the dark, waiting for some toilet paper. Turns out there was some right next to her but it had fallen over since it didn't have the tube to support it- Caleb unrolled the whole tube a few days ago!

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