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Thursday, March 13, 2008

My FAVORITE housecleaning product

This is an unpaid product review but I just have to share the good news! I have to share the joy that has been given to me in this handy dandy little sweeper. For those of you who know me, I have never been accused of being a great housekeeper. I am a teacher so I like to spend all my nights with my kids. On summer break I pretend to have a system of keeping the house clean but usually the kitchen is my husband's job. The last thing I want to do is sweep or mop the spacious kitchen floor (see pics below). That might not be such a big deal if it was just my husband and me but on top of our 3 1/2 year old who sometimes drops crumbs, our 2 year old son still thinks it's totally cool to sweep his arms back and forth on the table until all his food is on the floor. Then he laughs that villanous laugh. So at the end of each meal, someone is bending over picking up all the pieces. As gross as it is, I just opted to put on some shoes and pretend like they weren't even there.

Not any more! About a month ago I saw this little sweeper at Wally World and convinced my husband that maybe, just maybe I would relieve him of his floor duties. We debated over the price of $34.99 which is not pocket change for our family. I convinced him that if it didn't do the right job, we could just take it back. We bought it and he did such a good job driving that baby around, I figured I was off the hook once more. Last night I held this gift from God in my sweet hands and just glided all over the kitchen floor. I got all the bits under the chairs and table and just kept on going. I sached over to the cabinets and watched all the debris disappear right before my very eyes. Now when it's time to clean up after a meal, my DH is going to have to put up a good fight to use that baby.


Anonymous said...

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Cary said...

Well said.