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Monday, March 10, 2008

I AM the big bad wolf

Lauren is apparently at that age where she knows when a 'swat' is coming and she knows to put that little hand on her bottom. Well, today she and her brother were warned for the thousandth time to leave Abby's swing alone. And for the thousandth time, they just had to swing it one more time after their warning. Knowing what was to come next, Lauren took advantage of the time it took me to swat Caleb's bottom first and she ran down the hall to the bathroom. I held in the laughter as I followed her to the bathroom. Not only did she close the door, but she also knew to try with all her might to hold it closed. Now, before I get any comments about spanking, we do believe in giving our kids a swat from time to time. A swat is always on the bottom and only with fingertips, never the palm of the hand. We are firm believers in time-out but sometimes that just doesn't work and the next alternative is a good old fashioned swat!

As we were walking back down the hall, Lauren was obviously not phased by her swat and she said, "That's like the 3 Little Pigs and you're the big bad wolf." Too funny.


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