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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Family Planner

I'm in a secret love affair with my family planner. Do you have one? I started mine a few years ago and it has just taken off. If you don't really know what a family planner is, let me tell you about mine.

My family planner is a binder where I keep all important family documents or ideas. I have about 20-25 tabs. There's a list below. I'll come back and post about each tab separately and in detail.

1) month-by-month traditions including family recipes ***** this is my ongoing project....I will post in detail about this tomorrow.
2) my HEB grocery planner
3-6) tabs for each child's info from the doctor's office
7) vacation ideas
8) budget
9) recipes I want to try
10) arts and crafts ideas for the kids
11) housecleaning schedule
12) coupons, coupon policies for the stores where I shop, and gift cards
13) address list
14) packing list for trips
15) ideas for gifts for my family members (because I am no good remembering when it comes time to shop)
16) important info the hospital gave me when I had my babies...they give you tons and don't consider that you're exhausted and not really listening anyway. blah..blah..blah
17) plans for my dream garden

I can't remember the rest and the binder is upstairs in my room. If I go up there, I know I won't come back down, it's time to get to bed.

To be continued...............

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