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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Cracking me up!

Lauren, my 5 year old came up with some pretty funny material tonight. First of all, she and Abby were given some matching jammies by my friend Jen. Abby's dresser drawer is high and Lauren's is low. After their baths, I got caught up in the Bama-t.u. game and when I went in to check on the kids, Abby was putting on Lauren's jammies. I told Lauren that they were hers...she got them out of her drawer. To which she replied, "Oh, I thought Daddy put them away." How does she already know that most of the time dads have no clue when it comes to putting away laundry?

Then Lauren went into my bedroom and turned off the TV. She said she knew I don't like the Longhorns. I also had the TV on in the playroom so I wouldn't miss a thing as the kids were getting thier jammies on and teeth brushed (I did turn it off for prayers). Lauren has been sleeping in the playroom while we get Abby used to her big-girl bed. Lauren climbed into her bed and was getting into the game. I found myself explaining that the Longhorns had just caught the ball that the other team had thrown. was a proud moment for this Momma and I had a hard time turning the playroom TV off.

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