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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Religious Education/Sunday School Teacher Gifts

You shared your divinity with me... Now I share mine with you.

I wanted to make some treats for my kids' RE teachers on their last day of class. I spent way too much time looking over recipes for fudge, bark, cupcakes, etc... Then I realized I've been wanting to make divinity for a few weeks, what better treat than divinity. I mean the definition is 1) the state of quality of being divine; 2) the study of religion; theology. Perfect! Except divinity is very, very hard to make in humid climates and we live in a humid climate. I thought I'd defy the odds and give it a go. The first batch, Chocolate Butterscotch Divinity, worked rather well. The 2nd batch never even started to hold it's form, even after 30 minutes of beating. The 3rd batch didn't form perfectly, but while beating this batch, I found out a storm was blowing in. So even though they weren't all perky like my mom's, I knew I did better than most could on a rainy day.

Since I spent all day on the candy, I didn't have much time to make the cards. They said, "You shared your divinity with me....Now I share mine with you."

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