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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Another ADD Morning

Well, we almost made it out the door without an ADD meltdown. We were so close, but then Lauren found the paper measuring chart she made yesterday. Caleb bought a How-to draw Angry Birds book at the book fair yesterday (with his own money). After school, while Abby and Spencer were napping, Lauren cut several sheets of paper in half and attached them lengthwise. Then she carefully used a ruler to make inch marks. At each foot, she made a picture of a different Angry Bird. Caleb took part in it, but I'm not sure what he did.

Last night, when Lauren and Caleb were in bed, Abby drew a rainbow and a black bird. That is what set Lauren into a panic. She screamed at Abby and told her she ruined it. I tried to calm her down, but I swear she can't hear me when she is like this. Caleb stepped in and tried to help. I can't believe how good he is at trying to fix these situations whenever they arise and he is only 7! He told Lauren, "Abby did a great job! She wanted to help and I like it, thanks, Abby!" To which Lauren replied, "Look, she made a rainbow, too, ugh!" Caleb actually told Lauren that he made the rainbow, but I know that Abby did it last night. I told Lauren I didn't want the day to start out this way, I asked her if we could turn it around and start out happy.

I took the chart away from her and told her she could make another one after school if she wanted to do her own thing, but this was a family project and she wasn't going to treat Abby that way. She was definitely "hyper-focused" as she continued to cry, scream, and shout about how it was ruined and she worked so hard. Caleb continued to tell her is was wonderful just the way it was. I lost my patience COMPLETELY and told her we had to walk out the door and if she said another word about it, I'd spank her 8 spanks (because she is 8). I really didn't want to do it, but that threat didn't deter her. I hate to admit she is really the only one who pushes me so far over the edge that I spank. I just don't know how to get her to snap out of it. Even after the 8 "spanks" (they were not full force), she went on and on so I told the others to get in the van and not to talk about it anymore. We all filed out the door and she followed us saying, "I really feel like trash."

As I was debating whether or not to address her, I decided to address her self esteem. We got into the van and it continued. So before even pulling out of the garage, I cranked up the Christian song on the radio and asked God to bring peace to the situation. I sat there and prayed. When I turned the radio down and started down the street, I heard Caleb trying again to convince Lauren. "Lauren, Abby did a good job, the chart isn't ruined. We can do things together."

How can I have 2 children only 18 months apart that are 180 degrees different? I mean, I do know the answer, I know that identical twins can be complete opposites, but really?

Lord, please show me how to understand Lauren and love her more.  Help me be more patient when she is hyper-focused and guide me in my thoughts, actions and words. Help Lauren to always know how much she is loved, even when she pushes me over the edge. Let her feel Your presence and always know she was created in Your image. Amen!


Cathy said...

we have gone to a medication at night that helps us have a better morning. The wait time for the morning meds to kick in is just too much time for the rest of the family to be held hostage by my ADHD son's behavior.

Stephanie said...

Thanks, Cathy, I'll ask the doctor about that.