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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Here We Grow Again

That's right, I'm expecting. My due date is October 5, but we all know I haven't even made it to 37 weeks so September 18 is more realistic for me. It has been the roughest pregnancy by far (including the 3 miscarriages). I was a mess for almost 3 months experiencing much more than just morning sickness. I mean, I did have some pretty scary vomitting spells, sometimes throwing up 9 times in one session. I also had nausea and aversion to food in general, which was a vicious cycle. I had the most painful bloating at the beginning of the pregnancy. Twice I told Stephen to get the keys to take me to the ER because I had NEVER been in so much pain.

Once that problem was solved, I battled a little depression and a little anxiety. You don't know how debilitating this is unless you have experienced it yourself. Add in a lack of a good night's sleep, and you might as well go to a mental hospital. I was waking up every single hour to use the bathroom and then around 4:20 I couldn't go back to sleep until just before the alarm. I can't tell you how many hours I spent praying and singing church songs to help me pass the time. I don't believe in getting up because I have faith that I'll eventually go back to sleep. I am forever grateful to a friend who suggested I try Tylenol PM. I slept 5 hours straight that first night and woke up with no more anxiety or depression. Thank God for friends! And thank God my my amazing husband who had to prepare dinner for over 2 months. Seriously!

Thankfully that has all passed and I am back to myself. I am still exhausted, but who isn't? I am finally at a point where I am waiting in joyful anticipation of the precious life God has blessed us with. I always wanted a large family, I just never thought I'd be having it so late in life.

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