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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Happy Birthday, Spencer

 2 Years Old

 1st Birthday
      2 weeks old with my favorite doctor
A few minutes old

I really think Spencer has changed more than Lauren, Caleb, or Abby. His hair was so dark and now he is practically blonde. This sweet boy has brought so much joy into our lives. He loves to call Lauren, "Sissy" and if she doesn't answer, he just says it louder and louder. The same if you don't respond when he says ank you. I love to hear him say, 'ere it is!" When he is looking for something because he says it with such emphasis. He loves to see the school buses that stop across the street as well as planes and trains, he always waves and tells them bye-bye. Other words he says include: ball, swing, eye, ose, outh, head, ears, oon (spoon), ot (snot), ean up (clean up), irdie, ish (finished), up, ate (gate), ooey ooey (Umi Zumi), ucky hands, ead (read), drink, milk (sounds like oke), juice, ipper (Chipper), Daddy, Da-Da (me), Ickey Ouse, Oodles (Toodles), ight (light), side (outside), oli oli (ravioli), ash (trash), Aggie (whenever he sees the ATM), uzzle, shoe shoe, cheese, Abby, Ub (Caleb), uck (Stuck), ain (train and plane), tee-tee, cookies, uit bites, this, that, hello, elp (help), oos oos (Blue's Clues), baby, ocean (lotion), uh-huh, ubbles, eat, the end, Percy, ack (track), cake, E I (butterfly), shoo fly, see, bath, izza, oothush (toothbrush), aste (toothpaste), and more. When we are in the van and have to stop, he orders us to, "Go! Go!" I think his favorite thing to say is, "Daddy home!!"

At prayertime, he knows exactly when to get the prayer cube or prayer cards. If he gets a prayer card, he points to the card and mummbles as if he is reading. Then he puts it right back. After kisses, he runs into the girls' room and snuggles up in Abby's bed. He stays in there with Lauren until we insist that he come out and let her sleep.

He loves to play outside with his brother and sisters, and he loves to jump on the trampoline. He has just learned how to snap the Thomas train tracks together by himself. He likes to play dolls with Abby so I use it as an opportunity to prepare him for his baby brother or sister. He sings along with songs such as the ABCs, Barney, songs his Mickey doll sings, the intro to Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Calliou, and the Pandamania CD in the van.

This sweet boy brings so much joy to my days. I am so blessed to be the mother of 4 precious children and can't wait to make it 5.

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