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Monday, May 7, 2012

1st Communion Banner

You will need:
swivel head precision blade (scrapbooking)
felt rectangle
wooden dowel
gold rick rack
gold glitter felt "paper" found in felt section at Hobby Lobby
white glitter felt "paper"
gold "rope" ribbon
felt glue
hot glue gun
patterns for the chalice and host (search on internet)
last name printed on computer using Microsoft word
marker for tracing

1) Cut out patterns of chalice, host, and letters
2) Trace on the back of the paper. Place letters upside down on the back of the glitter paper so that when you cut it out, the marker will be on the bottom.
3) Measure rick rack across the felt, leaving a little extra on each end.
4) Cut 3 2" strands of rick rack for the loops
5) Position all pieces on the felt as you wish to glue them.
6) Glue rick rack onto felt with felt glue. Apply pressure or set heavy books on the rick rack to dry (a few minutes).
7) Repeat for chalice, host, and letters.
8) Fold rick rack loops over and glue ends together with hot glue gun (felt glue did not work).
9) Place loops on dowel and space apart.
10) Hot glue the left and right ends first, making sure the dowel will be level. Then hot glue the middle loop.
11) Measure, cut, and tie the gold rope on each end of the dowel to hang the banner.

 I saw some other beautiful banners at our mass. Some families used religious scrapbook kits found in the scrapbook section of any craft store. Others used sequins. Some families fastened family pictures to their banners. Each one was so unique, just as our kids are.

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