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Friday, August 27, 2010

Back To School

Oh my goodness, I am so behind. I had to stop what I was doing to post a story that Lauren's teacher just dropped by to share with me. Let me begin by saying that Lauren hasn't played out side much this summer because it has been too darn hot. When she does play outside, she often comes barreling into the house screaming about a spider or a wasp. Yes, we do have a lot of wasps, but EVERYTHING is a wasp to her.
So her teacher just stopped by my classroom to tell me that the other day, Lauren walked up to her with her hands cupped together and asked where she could put "it." Her teacher asked her what she had and Lauren told her it was a grasshopper. MY LAUREN had a grasshopper. She wanted to know where she could put it to bring it home. With much consideration of Lauren's sensitive nature, her sweet teacher told her that it might be best to take it back outside to be with it's grasshopper family.

I am so happy to hear that Lauren is already making good friends and has not come home once telling me that someone was making fun of Tinkerbell or that someone was going to take her to the zoo where the monkeys ate the people.

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