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Monday, July 5, 2010

Next year I will....

How many times do you say that?

Let's face it, we are busy moms and we can't remember as much as we used to now that we are keeping up with our kids.

Last night we went to watch the fireworks at the George Bush Library. We learned last year that we could beat traffic and get good parking by watching the fireworks from the top of the nearby parking garage. We had to park 3 levels down, and not knowing how many more levels there were, we walked all the way to the top with 3 small kids and the heavy carseat. Note: Next year we will park by the elevators and use them!

We didn't know what time the fireworks actually started and we began to say, "Next year.....we will bring the wagon....arrive later....etc..."

And as we left, we exited the South end, which took us back to the main traffic. Next year we will exit at the North end!

So how will you remember all these things 'next year'? I actually have a family planner where I make all my notes and it is paying off. I started it because I was constantly saying we should do 'this' or 'that' next year and then I'd forget. Also, I thought it would be neat to one day pass it on to my kids. I used to keep birthdays on the planner, but Facebook reminds me of those now. It is month-by-month, and I list all holidays plus traditional meals and the recipes for them. I am currently adding crafts for each holiday. My favorite thing about it so far is the 25 days of Christmas Fun which was an idea from a co-worker. For summer months, I have a list of ideas of all the different things we can do so the kids don't get bored.

At the end of the Family Planner, I have a page with a list for planning parties. That way, I don't have to brainstorm what we need each and every time. Personally, I think this planner is ingenious! I don't know why all families don't have something similar.