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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Motherhood Mayhem

Last Sunday I had to take Lauren to RE (Sunday School) by myself because Stephen had a display at the Bridal Show. I had no problems taking her in with Caleb, Abby, and Spencer in-tow, but picking her up proved to be a disaster.

I pulled up along the drive and parked behind a SUV. I told Caleb and Abby not to get out until I could make sure there were no ants in the grass. First I checked for the stroller, but it was not in the van. I took Spencer's carrier around and told Caleb and Abby that it was safe to get out. Within a few seconds, Caleb was screaming. He was covered in ants. I yanked him up and onto the street in front of the van and made sure Abby was okay. I started smacking the ants and watching them surround him on the ground. A man walked by, staring, but not offering help. I picked Caleb up and put him on the hood of the van and tried to call a friend to pick up Lauren. She did not answer. Then, Abby said she had to go potty. This was the first day she was in panties. There was a man in the SUV in front of me and he did try to help. He gave me a few wipes so at least I could wipe Caleb down. I had to get the kids inside. Caleb begged me to carry him and I guess that Mommy adrenaline kicked in because I carried Caleb AND Spencer in his carrier and managed to hold Abby's hand.

We went straight to the family bathroom where I set the carrier down, left Caleb (still crying) on the floor, and put Abby on the toilet. I opened the door to look for someone to help. I found one friend and asked her to get Lauren. Then I started asking strangers if there was a first aid kit. I left all 3 little ones in the bathroom and went to the teacher's workroom where we did find a first aid kit.

Long story short, we found some Benadryl spray which allieviated the pain a little bit. Leslie brought Lauren to me, and Julia helped me get all the kids out to the van. Wow, what a day.


Mary DK said...

Oh my word girlie, that is definitely a crazy day! I hope Caleb is doing okay today ((hugs))

Terri said...

Wow! I'm still getting over you carrying the two boys AND holding Abby's hand! You are awesome; only you could have kept your head about you so well in the midst of such chaos!