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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Angry Birds Birthday Party

My oldest son turned 7 today. He wanted to have an Angry Birds party so I did what most do these days and I searched Pinterest for ideas. I was extremely short on time so I picked a few things that I thought we could pull off quickly.

My wonderful and amazing hubby printed these on cardstock for me. He saved the images for other decorations and labels that you'll see below.

Stephen also downloaded a font that was close to Angry Birds and made this banner. I just used scrapbook paper to frame out each letter. The wooden bench came with our Little Tyke kitchen set. The napkins and plates came from the party store and Wal-Mart.
 I bought this little grapevine wreath last year for my Lenten display. It was perfect to display this nest. Since Easter is in a few weeks, it was easy to find some white plastic eggs.

I found these gummies at Hobby Lobby, too. They are gluten free- that's just as important these days as nut-free. We also found some Angry Birds cheese crackers at the store. I served fruit and veggies as well.

The cake:
I have learned to stop wasting hours planning my kids' cakes because they have their own ideas. This was Caleb's plan. My hubby has become quite the expert in fondant rolling and shaping, wouldn't you agree?  The blocks are wafer cookies that he wrapped in fondant. The flash made the green icing appear to be different colors, but I assure you it looked great in person.
Goody Bags:
Stephen made these bookmarks to put in the goody bags because I just needed more ideas, I didn't have time to run all over town finding Angry Birds items. He used a picture of Caleb in his Halloween costume.

We found some Angry Birds graham crackers, the plastic eggs, a little maze, and some stickers. Stephen made labels with AB pictures. He made extra labels and we used them on cups and juice boxes so everyone could write their names on them. I noticed it worked because the kids kept up with their drinks and didn't come back for more and more.

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