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Monday, December 7, 2009

Fun Times at Home

Lauren loves to dress up. She received a princess dress-up box a few years ago with 5 costumes that are now tattered. She dressed up as Tinker Bell every day for over a year...that was money well spent. Now Abby dresses up too. Well, yesterday Lauren had on her Ariel skirt and was upstairs when I heard a banging noise. I waited for crying and instead heard, "Help? Help. Help!" When I got upstairs, Lauren was stuck under my underwear drawer. I asked what she was doing and she matter-of-factly answered, "Dressing up as Ariel!" Like, duh! So I asked more specifically what she was doing in my drawer. She answered, "I needed a bra for my Ariel costume."

After convincing her that mine was too big, she got some paper, markers, and scissors, and made her own shells, cut them out, and taped them on.


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