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Monday, October 27, 2008

What a weekend!

Last Friday we went up to Fort Worth to pick up our dog and Stephen's laptop. Our dog went up with my mom last Thanksgiving because we were trying to sell our house and Chipper could stay inside at my parents' house. Plus I had a new baby on the way and Chipper would get more attention from my mom. In April, when my mom died, we still hadn't sold our house but we just knew my dad would want us to take Chipper when we left. We were wrong. He felt secure with her there and she was a part of my mom I guess. So he asked us if Chipper could stay with him a little longer. When we went back in May he wanted to keep her longer. The same in June and in August he asked if he could just keep her and give us the money to buy a new dog. Chipper was born at his house and I took her back to college with me when she was just 5 weeks old. I have had her for 13 years. I told my dad he could keep her a little longer but we wanted her back. I don't have the time to train a new dog with 3 small children.

So we drove to his house Friday night. When we passed through Waco, we could not believe the gas prices. At one place it was $2.16. I really couldn't believe what I was seeing. I can not remember the last time gas was $2.16. We passed Wal-Mart and it was $2.11. It is still $2.40 in Aggieland, how can it be so much cheaper just 90 miles down the road? And that night we saw on the news how gas was $1.96 in Burleson. So yesterday we took a 3 mile detour to get gas in Burleson and it wasn't $1.96. It was $1.94! And if you had the card from Wal-mart, it was $1.91. We filled the van for less than $30.00!

Saturday was a very busy but fun day. We started out finding a place to get Chipper groomed. Did you know that you really do have to have appointments? As soon as Stephen got back from dropping her off, we went for a quick lunch with my dad and then rushed to watch our nephew march in the UIL band competition. Wow how UIL has changed. Some of the bands had fancy backdrops and synthesizers. Back in our day it was just the band and the instruments. After Corey's performance was over, we visited with family for a short time and rushed the kids home for a short nap. We had to wake Caleb up to get to the zoo before it opened.

Boo at the Zoo was fun for all. It is definitely something I want to do often with the kids. Maybe every other year. It was a busy, but fun weekend!

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Texas Aggie in Florida said...

Sounds like fun! LOVE boo at the zoo! I can't believe the gas prices there....WOWSERS! It's $2.59 at our walmart today and that's still the lowest in town, but I did see it for $2.49 at a Walmart in Orlando this weekend. I heard on the news that it will get down to about $2.30 here and I was excited about that! Better than $3.30 (which we thought was low a month ago huh?) I'm so glad it's coming down. Do me a favor...use the difference you would have paid in gas a month ago to go eat some Wings for me okay?