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Monday, October 20, 2008

Adults think it's fun too

Last night Stephen and I joined 3 other couples for our regular "Supper Club." When all of us were discussing what to bring, someone joked about a Halloween theme. I said, "Why not?" So our meal started off with Bat Wing Soup over green worms (green pasta). Then we moved on to spider meatballs, a wonderful salad, and delicious homemade pizza with an amazing assortment of toppings such as rosemary, red onion, carrots, red potatoes, ricotta cheese, sweet potatoes, and mozzarella cheese (is that right, Julia?). It was delicious. For dessert, we had a no-bake Oreo dessert which had extra crushed Oreos on top (like a fresh grave). If you looked closely, you could see bones of a skeleton coming through the "dirt." I forgot to take a picture though, sorry! We drank a little blood (pomegranite martinis), Vampire wine, and we tried Jack's Pumpkin Ale-a bit stout for most of us.

The home was decorated for the occassion as well. Spider web was all around us, there were crooked pictures on the walls, and a candleabra set upon a black, netted tablecloth. It was a perfect evening.

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Julia said...

I'm so glad you liked the pizza! I'm going to try it out for my parents this coming weekend. I'm sorry we didn't say good bye to you guys, you disappeared so fast! Dessert was dee-lish ;) We had a great time too!