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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Rick Trevino, Art Show, Birthday Parties, Graduations, Field Day, Awards, and more!

May is always one of the busiest months of the year, I'd even put it next to December with all the Advent and Christmas goings-on (is that a word?).

So here is my attempt at catching up:

We started the day at the Art Show. Lauren's self-portrait was the only one that was 3-D.

After a birthday party (and wedding for Stephen), we went to our first ever Starlight Music Series.

Waiting is so hard- especially when we're on a huge hill that is calling our name to roll!

The flash made them blink, it was dark by this time.

Coats in May? Really? We have had such nice weather this year, we've been so lucky.
Rick Trevino! I loved listening to his CDs while studying. This was a free event, there was no way I was going to miss!

Stephen's mom came for Spencer's birthday and the girls' recital.

My baby turned 3!

Abby's first recital, Lauren's 5th

I have known Hyla since KG and we've been best friends forever. Her daughter graduated on May 26th and we weren't gonna miss it!

May 28th Field Day-Tug-of-War

Sponge pass- Field Day events aren't what they used to be.

Thread the Hula-Hoop

Caleb's turn- next year I'll have 3 kids doing this.

Caleb's best bud, Joshua. We are so sad he is moving.

Awards and last day pictures coming!
Both Lauren and Caleb had perfect attendance all year at school. I think Lauren has only missed one day total, and poor Caleb was sick and missed one day in KG. 

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Life's Lessons

Life is not a race. I've heard that before, but lately I've been saying it a lot. We are not to compare ourselves to others, including our friends. Comparing usually leads to envy. Envy is a sin. We all do it in some form or another.

I LOVE to cook and best friend of 36 years can't stand to do either. She has never cooked a meal and has been married for almost 21 years.
I love scrapbooking, some of my friends hardly ever take pictures.
Some people LOVE cleaning their house. Me? Not so much.
Some people are pros at gardening. I would like to be one day, but today is not my day.
Several of my friends are avid readers. I like to read, but only occasionally.
Some of my friends are into fitness, I say maybe I'll be into fitness when the kids leave home.
Some of us love having a variety of things to do when the kids are home, others say let them create their own ideas.
Some of my friends have the gift of decorating their homes. I didn't get that gift.
Some homeschool, some prefer private school, and others choose public.
Some love being out at the lake or beach for days on end while others can't stand the heat.
Some of us love entertaining and having friends over. I have an aunt who never wants others in her house.
I could go on and on. But I won't. I just think of how we all compliment each other and keep life interesting.

Wouldn't it be boring if we only had one type of flower in our yards? Friends are the flowers in life. I like having a variety in mine.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Dear Homeschooling Friends

Please note: about half of my friends homeschool. We all respect each others' decisions for educating our children, and the majority of my friends are pros at it, but there are a small handful who act as if homeschooolers rule and public schoolers drool, and I just want to set the record straight.

Dear Homeschooling Friends,
      I love you very much and I value our friendship. I have learned so much about homeschooling from you and I truly understand that you have different reasons for homeschooling, but please stop acting like you do things that public schools do not! I taught for 15 years and in 3 different districts. I can assure you that public school children are not sitting in their desks from 8 until 3. Most teachers have a plethora of songs and dances to do between lessons so that the children will get their juices flowing. Children move to Computers, Art, Music, or PE where their experienced teachers give them experiences I can not at home. They use tools and instruments I do not have at home. They learn songs I never learned and art techniques their teachers have mastered. My kids get to go to PE where they no longer to jumping jacks, push-ups, and dodge ball, no, they learn games they can play at home. My kids get to go to computers where their teacher has attended training on the latest and greatest educational games and websites. They have enough computers for every child. My home does not.

   They also get to go to recess and play with hundreds of other children. Yes, they may hear some bad words, but they can hear those same things playing at public parks! They might also make good choices about friends with the same values, or better yet, they may be the one who helps children who do not have good home experiences. They just might be Jesus to someone else. I just love hearing those types of stories from my kids' teachers.

      Also, most schools have gardens, some even have vegetable gardens. My 3rd grader has shared many stories with me about helping plant, water, prune, and grow. Some schools even have butterfly gardens with so many caterpillars crossing that you have to watch where you step when outside.

     School children get to have "water day", "field day", "snow day", etc... They have guest speakers like astronauts, Aggie sports players, book authors, and local restaurant owners. They go on field trips to zoos, museums, tree farms, Texas A&M, The George Bush Presidential Library, and more, so please don't talk about how school children are missing out.

    When you say you love homeschooling because there is no schedule and your kids can go to bed alte and get up at 10 am, please realize that children need structure. Children need routine and thrive on that. Yes, there are some children with special needs who do better in unstructured environments, but that is a small percentage. Children will need to know these procedures when they enter college. Then, they will definitely need structure when they enter the workforce, so routines, schedules, and structure are important.

     When you post on Facebook that you LOVE homeschooling because your children get to be outside when schooled children are inside, you are just upsetting those of us who know the truth. That's all for now.

Thank you,
Proud Public School Educator and Parent of Intelligent Public School Children