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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Rick Trevino, Art Show, Birthday Parties, Graduations, Field Day, Awards, and more!

May is always one of the busiest months of the year, I'd even put it next to December with all the Advent and Christmas goings-on (is that a word?).

So here is my attempt at catching up:

We started the day at the Art Show. Lauren's self-portrait was the only one that was 3-D.

After a birthday party (and wedding for Stephen), we went to our first ever Starlight Music Series.

Waiting is so hard- especially when we're on a huge hill that is calling our name to roll!

The flash made them blink, it was dark by this time.

Coats in May? Really? We have had such nice weather this year, we've been so lucky.
Rick Trevino! I loved listening to his CDs while studying. This was a free event, there was no way I was going to miss!

Stephen's mom came for Spencer's birthday and the girls' recital.

My baby turned 3!

Abby's first recital, Lauren's 5th

I have known Hyla since KG and we've been best friends forever. Her daughter graduated on May 26th and we weren't gonna miss it!

May 28th Field Day-Tug-of-War

Sponge pass- Field Day events aren't what they used to be.

Thread the Hula-Hoop

Caleb's turn- next year I'll have 3 kids doing this.

Caleb's best bud, Joshua. We are so sad he is moving.

Awards and last day pictures coming!
Both Lauren and Caleb had perfect attendance all year at school. I think Lauren has only missed one day total, and poor Caleb was sick and missed one day in KG. 

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Julia said...

Great updates, what a full month it has been!!! Happy Summer, sweet friends! :)