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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Shaving Cream Swirl Art

This activity was so much fun...and just as messy. This must be done outside, trust meIf your kids are young like mone, you will need an adult helper. 1. Spread a layer of shaving cream as easily as you can into a glass or plastic container.

2. Squirt a few drops of paint into the shaving cream. Repeat, making sure you keep the colors apart. We squirt ours into the 4 corners.

3. Run a knife back and forth, creating a swirl pattern.

4. Lay a piece of cardstock onto the shaving cream and pat it down, making sure every part of the paper is making contact with the shaving cream. 5. Lift the paper and quickly scrape the excess shaving cream off with a knife or paper towel. The knife left neat marks.

6. Let your masterpiece dry while you make more.

7. My kids probably would have used a whole ream of cardstock if I would have let them. Let the pages dry, pressing them under weighted items to prevent curling.

8. You can use the finished product to make cards.

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