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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Lunchbox Love Notes

I just started looking into putting "love notes" in Lauren's lunchbox. Since my fabulous husband makes her lunch, I figured he and I had better make a lot of them in advance and he can put one in each morning. So while I am gathering everyone else's ideas, I am going to put them they are all in one place.

Here is a new one (found 10/7/11) on TipJunkie.
Here is a site where you can print a few cute cards.
Here is another.
Attach these to your fruit.
Lunch box bible verses.
Lunch box notes.
Lunch box jokes.
Disney character notes.
Dora printables.
Little Bill notes.
Blue's Clues notes.
Heart of a Mother notes.
iMim Valentine notes.
Fruity jokes.
Some Thanksgiving and Christmas love notes from iMOM.

And here are a few phrases so far:

• You are special.
• I love you.
• I'm glad you are my child.
• You are important to me.
• I love the way you smile.
• You are the sunshine in my life.
• I am very proud of you.
• You are a wonderful kid.
• Thank you for helping me clean up after supper. I can always count on you.
• You have the best manners. Thank you for being such a gentleman.
• I look forward to seeing you after school.
• I can't wait for you to come home so we can have snack together.
• You studied very hard last night. I am proud of you.
• You are smart and pretty/handsome. I am the luckiest mom/dad on this earth.

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Madison said...

Hello! Thank you so much for featuring iMOM's Valentine lunchbox notes on your blog! We did some website revisions and the new link is

Thank you again!!!!!!