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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Feb 21-March 15, 2008 Scrapbook pages

I just learned how to do collage pages. I don't want to use them often but they come in handy for those occasions where I have tons of great pictures and don't want to do more than one layout. The program I used is soooo easy. All you do is click on the pictures you want to use and choose from 2 collage layouts and the program does the rest. It recognizes the people in the pics and crops all by itself!

A friend figured out how to get the paper behind the picture collage.

Then I decided to add some embellishments.

Aha! I just figured out how to add a picture that I don't want and then when I put the collage into Scrapbook Max, I put a paper scrap over it and use it for a title or journaling. I always date my pages.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Jan. 6- Feb. 20, 2008 Scrapbook pages

January 2008 Lauren 3 years, 5 months, Caleb 21 months, Abby not even 1 month.


Friday, February 5, 2010

Kids and Chores

Last summer I made the coolest chore cards ever for Lauren and Caleb. I even took a picture of them doing each chore so that my husband could make a sticker out of them and we could put them on the chore chart. If they did 6 out of 7 chores each day, I gave them a coin, After 7 coins, they could choose from the treasure box. It worked wonderfully. Until school started! Maybe that's my husband's fault because he is home with them in the mornings and just doesn't discipline himself to follow through.

A friend was telling me what she does instead of a chore chart and I think I like it. Each child has a plastic jar that they have decorated. When they do good things/chores, they earn lima beans.....more beans for harder chores, less beans for simple chores. When the children do not obey, they get beans taken away. When their containers are full, they get to pick from their prize box.

So right now I am trying to make up the conversion chart. So far I have the following ways to earn "beans":
-taking your own dishes to the counter (even my 2 year old can do this)
-hanging up coats and putting shoes in shoe cubbies
-making the bed without being told =5
-making the bed after being reminded =2
-taking your toys upstairs the first time I ask = 3
-pick up toys outside before coming in = 3
-pick up toys in bathtub = 2
-put away toys on the floor before bed = 5
-clean up playroom before bed = 3
-wiping bathroom counter = 2
-bring junk out of the van = 4
-sharing your special toy = 5
-saying prayers nicely without being silly = 3
-being quiet in church = 7
-setting the table= 5

How "beans" get taken away:
-arguing =5
-leaving clothes on the floor =1
-not picking up after arts and crafts =3
-Pushing = 4
-Hitting = 4

As the kids get older, the list will change but I don't have to hang 3 huge posters and this list can be for all the kids no matter what their age.

I am adding to this list as we speak.