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Friday, April 23, 2010

Kids doing chores

I posted earlier about starting a "bead system" to get my kids to help out. I am amazed at how much they really can do, even my 2 year old. They love to earn beads and sometimes offer ideas to me like today when Lauren (5) washed her hands and used the towel to wipe the faucet, handles, and behind the faucet. She wanted beads. Why not?

I bought some little beads (a little bigger than a pea) in the floral section at Hobby Lobby and they put them in 4 oz baby milk bottles. The older kids have to fill up to the 4 oz line to get $5, the 2 year old doesn't have to get as many.

So here are just some of the ways they earn beads or get them taken away:

Earn beads:
3 for putting laundry in washing machine (front loading)
1 more for taking the laundry bag back to the sorter
3 for emptying the dryer into a basket
3 for taking their own plates to the counter after each meal (2 year olds can do this)
3 for putting silverware away after I have taken all sharp objects
3 for putting shoes in shoe cubbies when we get home
2 for letting the dog in/out
3 for putting water in dog's bowl
3 (or more) for helping others without being asked to
5 for making their bed without being asked ...note..once my daughter made all the beds just for beads
3 for making bed after being asked
1 for each chair they wipe with a wet wipe
4 for bringing in junk from the van
behaving in church
1 for wiping bathroom counter
doing something helpful without being asked

Beads get taken away for
not picking up toys when asked
pushing, hitting, kicking (not really a problem in our home)
clothes on the floor
being silly during prayers
not picking up toys in the tub
leaving cups/dishes outside

This list is growing....I love how it works. Not only does it teach the kids responsibility and respect for the home, it helps me do things that are really hard since I am 34 weeks pregnant. I think the older kids could possibly empty more dishes and stand on chairs to put them away, but the 2 year old would want to too and I am not ready for that.

To this day I HATE doing dishes because my mom always screamed (and I mean screamed) at me about the way I did dishes. That is not the way I want to teach my kids. I want them to realize that if we all work together to take care of OUR home, Mommy and Daddy will have more time to spend with them.

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Julia said...

I love this! And I'm so excited it's working well for you and the kids! I am copying and pasting it and planning to use it in the NEAR future. I agree with you, a household that works together makes for a happy Mom, and a happy Mom makes for a happy everybody!