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Monday, September 14, 2009


I am a little worried about Lauren. She cries almost every day at school. She is not crying because she wants to be at home. She is not crying because she wants her Mommy. She cries because of things others do or say. For example, on the 1st day of school, another little girl was not following playground rules. Lauren reminded her that she was not supposed to be doing what ever it was she was doing and the girl didn't care so Lauren started crying. Maybe Lauren just didn't want little girl "R" to get in trouble.

Another time, "R" said she didn't want to be Lauren's friend because Lauren couldn't climb to the top of the playground rock wall. Maybe Lauren is scared...she fell off of a rockwall and onto her face in March and I thought she may have even broken her nose.

Another time in art, there was a sub so they watched a video. Lauren was laughing and a little boy didn't like it so he pinched her. I guess I'd have cried too.

Last week (in art again) a boy said, "Car riders STINK!" and that made her cry too.

Over the summer, she was eating a strawberry that Caleb wanted. Little boy that he is told her he was going to take it out of her mouth. Tears!

A friend brought her boys to spend a few days with us and the one Lauren's age was playing some Star Wars type game where he said, "Die" and that set her off. She has never played with friends who play Star Wars types of games.

She has a tender heart, I have known that for awhile. Last year in dance class, her best friend Katie wasn't there. She was sooo worried. I told her that maybe Katie was sick and that's all it took, Lauren was in tears because her best friend might be sick.

Apparently we have taught her compassion a little too well!

Oh the drama!

I have tried reasoning with her and explaining that those are not reasons to cry but that hasn't worked at all. I think she has gotten it from me. For years my mom told me that when she took my neighbor and me to see Benji and Benji got locked in the school, I cried hysterically and the whole theater laughed.

So...any thoughts on how to stop the crying?

Edited to add: I just realized that Lauren went all last year in dance and Religious Education classes without crying about something that someone else said or did. Hmm...

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