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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

What Do You Think?

I have been so excited about the warm weather lately. Last October, we more than doubled the size of our patio in hopes of having MANY wonderful days and nights of fun with the kids and our friends. Lately we've been looking for the right patio furniture, trying to decide if we want "lounge" type seating or a full-sized table and chairs. Now I'm on the hunt for the best grilling recipes around. I've even played with the idea of starting a new blog with just grilling recipes and outdoor party ideas and tips. So what do you think? As my faithful readers, I want to hear from each of you, would you be interested in a grilling blog?

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Heather said...

We (Patrick) grills everything! Happy grilling this summer! We just went thru the same debate on the patio furniture. We ended up deciding that lounge type and no table would be the best bet for us. We never eat outside and don't think we will start anytime soon. Patrick is building a deck in the near future (as soon as the hoa approves the plans) and we are really looking forward to more outside space.