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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Family Planner Tab 1: March

I really got to do a lot more with my kids this passed March because I had my ideas in my planner. As usual, I start the page with birthdays and anniversaries. Then I list other events such as Texas Independence Day and St. Patrick's Day. Now I must admit I have not done anything for Texas Independence Day YET, but I plan on it next year.

Texas Independence Day:
Breakfast: Texas-shaped pancakes
Lunch: Use cookie cutters to make sandwiches or cheese. It's the simple things that make the kids so happy.
Dinner: Chili and cornbread
Dessert: Pecan pralines...pecan trees are the state trees.

I have a ton of cookie cutters including the boot, cowboy hat, cactus, and star. We can also use these to make salt dough ornaments and the kids can paint them.

St. Patrick's Day
The sneaky Leprechaun always visits and does crazy things such as: turn the toilet water green, turn our water in the fridge green, turns the kids' milk green, leaves green kisses on the kids' foreheads while they sleep, leaves the green markers out and leaves a note behind with a few gold coins. The kids try to make a trap to catch this sneaky leprechaun.

We have green clover-shaped pancakes for breakfast.
For dinner we have Irish Stew.
For dessert we have Irish Cream Poundcake and all the fun treats we made in the days leading up to St. Patrick's Day like Shamrock Milkshakes and Leprechaun's Kisses. We also like to dip pretzels and marshmallows in melted green candy melts and then the kids shake sprinkles on them. So yummy!

We do a few arts and crafts such as make an adorable St. Patrick puppet. I also found a great Celtic Cross with St. Patrick's prayer that I have added for next year. The next page in my planner has pictures of lots of great arts and crafts ideas.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Family Planner Tab 1: February

I start my entries with February birthdays and anniversaries.
Next I have my general reminders such as: buy Valentine gifts for classroom and RE teachers. I list ideas I have for gifts, too. Then I list any festivals I am aware of like the Washington-on-the-Brazos festival, which I've heard is fun.

Next I have a list of fun Valentine's Day foods to make with my kids. Most of the recipes can be found here:
Heart-shaped pancakes
Heart-shaped tortillas, quesadillas, sandwiches, etc...
dipped strawberries
strawberry shortcake (I have the BEST recipe)
strawberry milk
white chocolate candy truffles drizzled with pink and red
white chocolate candy clusters
dipped & sprinkled pretzels and marshmallows
fudge (cut with heart-shaped cookie cutter)
Big Red or Big Red float
Heart shaped pizza
Heart shaped breadsticks
Valentine's Day Chex Mix
Holiday Rice Krispies

Next I have pages with fun games to play and pictures of Valentine's Day crafts that my kids can choose from. I also have a few Valentine's Day poems the kids can use to make their own cards for family members.

Finally, I have reminders for March.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Family Planner-Tab 1: Month By Month Traditions

How many times does a holiday come and go and you say, "Next year I am going to do ......."? I do it all the time. That's why I originally started my month-by-month calendar. I don't think it will ever be complete, I am always finding great ideas and adding them to my lists. Here is a sample of what January looks like:

First I list birthdays for the month
Next I have a section for reminders such as start planning Spring Break vacation, and start looking for certain Valentine decorations that I want. Also, start planning Valentine crafts and prepping materials.

6 Epiphany:
Use star cookie cutters for cheese and sandwiches
Make clay dough ornaments shaped like stars and crowns
let the kids make crowns
have a crown-shaped cake
read the story 'One Special Star'
Hang 3-D stars (I have a page with directions included)
Make star garland

Super Bowl
meatballs in Crock Pot
cake/cookies shaped like jerseys, footballs, and helmets

Reminder for February:
Make Valentine's countdown chain pre-cut with heart at the top
Buy V-Day candy for each child's class in school and RE
Each child's group such as soccer or dance
Shop for teacher's presents....I list ideas I have for gifts

The next page after JANUARY is something I printed about Epiphany Traditions.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Family Planner

I'm in a secret love affair with my family planner. Do you have one? I started mine a few years ago and it has just taken off. If you don't really know what a family planner is, let me tell you about mine.

My family planner is a binder where I keep all important family documents or ideas. I have about 20-25 tabs. There's a list below. I'll come back and post about each tab separately and in detail.

1) month-by-month traditions including family recipes ***** this is my ongoing project....I will post in detail about this tomorrow.
2) my HEB grocery planner
3-6) tabs for each child's info from the doctor's office
7) vacation ideas
8) budget
9) recipes I want to try
10) arts and crafts ideas for the kids
11) housecleaning schedule
12) coupons, coupon policies for the stores where I shop, and gift cards
13) address list
14) packing list for trips
15) ideas for gifts for my family members (because I am no good remembering when it comes time to shop)
16) important info the hospital gave me when I had my babies...they give you tons and don't consider that you're exhausted and not really listening anyway. blah..blah..blah
17) plans for my dream garden

I can't remember the rest and the binder is upstairs in my room. If I go up there, I know I won't come back down, it's time to get to bed.

To be continued...............